About Us

For over 50 years, IDDI has provided quality, comprehensive services to children and adults with severe-to-profound disabilities. Providing a caring, nurturing, family-like environment where all feel recognized, respected, and valued, IDDI strives to empower each individual we serve to achieve his or her maximum potential and highest level of independence, while enhancing self-fulfillment and sense of self-worth. IDDI recognizes that no two individuals are alike, and every aspect of our community is designed to support and enhance an individual's unique social, emotional, physical and educational development.

Our sprawling, 45 acre site is the location not only of Crystal Springs School, but also of IDDI's Adult Program; our modern, specially-designed infirmary; a rehabilitation facility for adaptive and therapeutic services; and a therapeutic pool for recreational and physical activity. Our residences provide sensory-rich, relaxing environments filled with accessible amenities, furnishings, and equipment that promote both rest and activity. IDDI's open-door policy allows family members to visit any time of the day or evening.

Since living independently or with family is precluded by the number and kinds of supports needed, IDDI encourages and enables residents to participate fully in their own lives.

Upon admission an individual program is developed for each child or adult by an interdisciplinary team of specialists. While specialized educational, adult day services, residential, and medical offerings are the foundation of IDDI services, providing those services and supports in an environment that promotes home and community involvement is at the heart of the IDDI family philosophy.