Thanks to the incredible generosity of Ms. Jackie Ashley, an IDDI Board member and parent, the legendary Lincoln Park train has been donated to IDDI. We are very honored and grateful that the IDDI campus will soon be the new home of this historic train. Designated the E.P.A. Express, the train is named in honor of Ms. Ashley's son, Eddie, who has been a member of the IDDI family for 25 years. This train has provided generations of children with treasured memories that have lasted lifetimes, and we are very excited by the fact that it will once again be enjoyed by those young in body and spirit on IDDI's beautiful campus. Along with our handicap-accessible treehouse and our future walking path, this train will entertain IDDI's children and adults, in addition to people throughout the community. As a result, the E.P.A. Express will become a place where new friendships can be formed.

The costs for design, site construction, refurbishing the train, and materials are currently estimated at several thousand dollars. By supporting this special project with a tax-deductible contribution, you will be helping IDDI take a very large first step toward making it possible for children and adults of all ages and ability levels to enjoy the great outdoors and experience the world from a new perspective. All donations received will be dedicated to not only refurbishing this piece of local history, but also to operating and incorporating it into an encompassing storybook-like western town. Be a part of something special. Help our children and adults commune with nature, enjoy the company of friends and family, and exercise in the great outdoors.