IDDI offers a wide variety of services for the adults and children in our care. These include:

Adaptive & Therapeutic Services—Our diverse team of therapists and specialists offers occupational, physical, speech and music therapy; an adapted physical education program that includes a gym, fitness program, and a therapeutic pool with a unique barrier-free lift that facilitates easy transfer from wheelchair to pool; adaptive design services to tailor wheelchairs and equipment according to an individual's specific needs; and low-vision/orientation and mobility services to help visually impaired students better access their environment and the educational process.

Clinical Services—Consists of our Psychology and Social Services Departments, providing behavior management programs and comprehensive case management to each individual according to his/her needs.

Day Habilitation Services—Meets the needs of adults who require active habilitation such as fine motor skill development; sensory skill development; cooking skills; and community inclusion.

Educational Services—Educational Services comprise Crystal Springs School's classrooms and offers a five-day-a-week program throughout the twelve months of the year for the children in our care.

Medical Services—Includes a licensed nursing staff on duty 24 hours each day and a physician who is on site weekly and available by phone at all other times.

Recreational Services—Consists of Children's Recreational services and Community Support for adults. Identifies both on-campus and off-campus activities that residents will enjoy. Coordinates the Special Olympics.

Residential Services—Offers Children's Residential and Adult Residential services, each providing a stimulating, sensory-rich environment.